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Voyage Reports 2002

Voyage Report - An ill wind? Lady of MannJohn H. Luxton02/02/02

North Channel Wanderings Winter 2002R Seville24/02/02
Ben-My-Chree - overnight to DouglasJohn H. Luxton19/02/02
Lady of Mann Douglas to LiverpoolJohn H. Luxton23/02/02

Day Trip to Dublin With P&O Irish Sea

R Seville01/04/02
SuperSeaCat Three: Liverpool to Dublin and returnJohn H. Luxton03/04/02
Liverpool to Douglas- SeaCat Isle of Man and SuperSeaCat ThreeJohn H. Luxton21/04/02
Rapide -  Heysham - BelfastJohn H. Luxton04/05/02
SuperSeaCat Three: Dublin to LiverpoolJohn H. Luxton06/05/02
SuperSeaCat Three: Liverpool to Dublin and BackJohn H. Luxton11/05/02
Lady of Mann - Llandudno - DouglasJohn H. Luxton19/05/02
Dawn Merchant: Liverpool to DublinJohn H. Luxton02/06/02
SuperSeaCat Three: Liverpool to Dublin and BackJohn H. Luxton29/06/02
SuperSeaCat Three: Liverpool to Dublin and BackJohn H. Luxton07/07/02
Commodore ClipperAlan Bishop25/07/02
Liverpool - Dublin: SuperSeaCat / SeaCat Isle of ManJohn H. Luxton21/07/02
Liverpool - Douglas: SeaCat Isle of Man / SuperSeaCat John H. Luxton24/07/02
Mostyn - Liverpool: NorbayA Sweeney05/08/02
SeaCat Isle of Man - Around the TriangleJohn H. Luxton11/08/02
Jonathan Swift - Holyhead to DublinJohn H. Luxton03/08/02
Carrigaloe: Magilligan Point to GreencastleTrevor Kidd05/10/02
SuperSeaCat Three - Liverpool to Dublin and returnJohn H. Luxton02/11/02

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