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Finished With Engines: Irish Sea Shipping is now closed to new updates - J.H. Luxton Photography - Transport, Industrial History, Regional Photographs UK & beyond

Port Service & Specialist Vessels

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HAM 316 At Work in Queen's Channel, July 05, 2014John H. Luxton06/07/14
Shackleton and Beaufort Tugboat Dance at Dublin Riverfest - June 2014Tony Brennan07/06/14
MSC Buffalo Behind the Steam Packet Stage - April 26, 2014John H. Luxton26/04/14
MSC Buffalo Assists Dredging Operations Around the Steam Packet Landing Stage - April 25, 2014Peter Challis26/04/14
MSC Buffalo Behind the Steam Packet Stage Again - January 25, 2013Peter Challis26/01/14
MSC Buffalo At Work at The IoMPSCo Stage Again - December 28, 2013Peter Challis01/01/14
MSC Buffalo Behind the Isle of Man Steam Packet Stage - November 11, 2013Peter Challis29/11/13
DHNA Floating Crane Hercules Works Near Noss Creek - October 23, 2013John H. Luxton11/11/13
MSC Buffalo Assisting in Alfred Lock Repair - October 15, 2013Peter Challis16/10/13
MSC Buffalo Working at the Isle of Man Steam Packet Stage - August 20, 2013Peter Challis21/08/13
Lara 1 at Rest in Canada Dock - August 11, 2013John H. Luxton12/08/13
MSC Buffalo and BML 1 At The IoMSPCo Stage - July 19, 2013Peter Challis20/07/13
Abeko Server 2 and Friends Work to Repair Twelve Quays North - November 14 & 17A.S & J.H.L.17/11/12
Rosbeg at Rest - August 12John H. Luxton24/08/11
Shackleton at Work and Rest - August 12, 2011John H. Luxton24/08/11
Survey Vessel Royal Charter on the MerseyJohn H. Luxton28/07/11
Cameron Heads Up River - June 18, 2011John H. Luxton18/06/11
Rambiz - An Impressive Heavy Lift Vessel on the Irish Sea- May 21, 2012John H. Luxton22/05/11
Thor on the River Mersey - April 15, 2011John H. Luxton15/04/11
Admiral Day Dredging at the Pier Head - March, 2011Adrian Sweeney26/03/11
Mersey Mammoth on the Move - March 21, 2011Adrian Sweeney26/03/11
Cameron at Work By Skyline Barge 15John H. Luxton13/11/10
The Last Mersey Docks & Harbour Company Camel On The Move - December 15, 2009John Hake16/12/09
Thor at Work at the Isle of Man Steam Packet Stage - September 19, 2009John H. Luxton19/09/09

Rosbeg At Work at Dublin Port - September 2009

Tony Brennan19/09/09
End of an Era - Mersey Mariner Departs - August 02, 2009Ian Collard02/08/09
Trailing Suction Dredger Daniel Laval - April 17, 2009John H. Luxton24/04/09

Sandfisher in Dry Dock at Dublin - April 2009

Tony Brennan18/04/09

Rosbeg - Dublin Port's New Work Vessel

Tony Brennan08/03/09
Survey Vessel Royal Charter at Langton, June 21 - 2008John H. Luxton21/06/08
Denis Murphy - The Port of Cork's Multicat Workboat - May 2008John H. Luxton31/05/08
Mersey Mammoth Installs Access Bridge for Temporary Mersey Ferries Stage, April 23, 2007John H. Luxton23/04/07
Mersey Mammoth Returns From Barrow With a Travelling Crane - April 21, 2007John H. Luxton21/04/07
Floating Crane Apache on the Mersey - February 2007D.C. & I.C.24/02/07
Mersey Mammoth Visits Dublin - February 20, 2007Tony Brennan21/02/07
Mersey Mammoth off Heysham - December 27, 2006Adrian Sweeney03/01/07
Mersey Mammoth Working at Runcorn Old Quay - December 12 /13 2006John Thomas16/12/06
Mersey Mariner at King's Dock River Wall - December 05, 2006Adrian Sweeney09/12/06
Mersey Mammoth Recovers The George's Stage Anchors, September 09, 2006John H. Luxton10/09/06
Gerry O'Sullivan and Saleen at Work at Cóbh - July 28, 2006John H. Luxton05/08/06
Mersey Mammoth Places a Warning BuoyPhilip Parker07/03/06
Denis Murphy Departs Cork Dockyard, October 25, 2005John H. Luxton29/10/05
Mersey Mammoth Visits Belfast - June 02, 2005Adrian Mc.Bride04/06/05
John M - A Change in Appearance - May 14, 2005John H. Luxton15/05/05
Mersey Mammoth in Dublin Bay - May 02, 2005John H. Luxton04/05/05

John M at Work At The Pier Head - May 01, 2005

John H. Luxton04/05/05

Mersey Mammoth At Prince's Landing Stage - January 27, 2005

John H. Luxton29/01/05
Mersey Mammoth Removes the Cat Fuel Barge - January 21, 2005Philip Parker22/01/05

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