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Maritime Heritage - Port Industrial Archaeology






Isle of Man

The ports of the Irish and Celtic Seas along with their immediate hinterlands are a vast treasure trove of maritime heritage. Whilst generations of ships and seafarers have long passed on the buildings and other general infrastructure often remain providing a tangible reminder of the past.

Some of  these remains are preserved, quite often as features of a dockside redevelopment - though sometimes out of context, however, many more are quietly allowed to decay. Therefore, it remains possible to search out and record many of the links with our maritime past before they fall to the demolition contractor or developer.

In these galleries you will not find many ships, however you will still find much of maritime interest. If the maritime industrial archaeology fascinates you have a look at these galleries.

Maritime Heritage - Irish and Celtic Seas aims to encourage visitors to look at more than the ships the next time they visit a port and record architecture, signs, quayside fittings - they may be there today - but will they still be there tomorrow?  


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