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Archive 90 - Mersey, Irish & Celtic Sea Shipping in the 1990s

Archive 90 - is a new section of the Irish Sea Shipping web site designed to host photographs taken during the 1990s by your web master. A few of these photographs did appear on the Irish Sea Shipping web site in its early days when it was known as Mersey Shipping News, but back then the size of the site was severely constrained and only a handful appeared.

Irish Sea Shipping was one of the first shipping web sites on the internet and much of this material will be new to a those who have joined the web during the "naughties". The section will be added to as time permits. The initial images being sourced from Kodak-PhotoCD a format which created digital images from film cameras during the transition from film to digital.  

Archive 90: HM Bark Endeavour at Canning Dock - July 1997John H. Luxton01/01/11
Archive 90: Around the Mersey WaterfrontJohn H. Luxton30/12/10
Archive 90: TugsJohn H. Luxton29/12/10
Archive 90: Sundream Arrives at Prince's Landing Stage - April 27, 1997John H. Luxton29/12/10
Archive 90: Wreck of the Cita - March 26, 1997John H. Luxton27/12/10
Archive 90: Isles of Scilly Steamship Company 1994 - 1998John H. Luxton27/12/10
Archive 90: Around and About Mersey Docks - 1996 - 1998John H. Luxton26/12/10
Archive 90: Merchant Ferries in the 1990sJohn H. Luxton25/12/10
Archive 90: Lady of Mann Queen of the Irish Sea (additional photographs added December 25)John H. Luxton25/12/10
Archive 90: Condor Ferries in Liverpool (additional photographs added December 25)John H. Luxton25/12/10
Archive 90: P&O FerriesJohn H. Luxton24/12/10
Archive 90: Stena LineJohn H. Luxton24/12/10
Archive 90: Sea Containers SuperSeaCat TwoJohn H. Luxton24/12/10
Archive 90: Sea Containers' IncatsJohn H. Luxton22/12/10
Archive 90: Norse Irish FerriesJohn H. Luxton22/12/10
Archive 90: The Mersey FerriesJohn H. Luxton22/12/10
Archive 90: King Orry - The Big White ShipJohn H. Luxton22/12/10

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