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Archive 80 - Shipping Photographs from the 1980s

Archive 80 - is a new section of the Irish Sea Shipping web site designed to host photographs taken during the 1980s by your web master. These colour photographs originated mainly on colour transparency film and have never been published on line before.

The photographs represent part of your web master's vast collection of colour slides, over 16,000 taken between the mid 1970s and the 1990s which covered a wide range of transport subjects, historical sites and regional photography. Though unfortunately, for one reason or another, this collection includes very little Merseyside and north west England material as your webmaster didn't point his cameras at local subjects. Something which is now very much regretted. However, subjects in the south west of England are well represented as can be seen from this selection.

It is intended over the next few years that much more of this material, not just shipping, will be made available on line watch out for further announcements.

Bodinnick Car Ferry - A Near Mishap - September 05, 1982John H. Luxton13/10/13
Ships at the Fowey Clay Wharves - September, 05 1982John H. Luxton13/10/13
Bulk Sun at Charlestown - August 23, 1983John H. Luxton13/10/13
Dry Docking River Adada at QEII Falmouth - March 29, 1989John H. Luxton13/10/13

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