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A Manx Holiday

Photographs  Barry Rodgers 2007

Barry Rodgers has sent in a collection of photographs taken on his holiday to the Isle of Man during July / August 2007. Barry stayed in Liverpool for a couple of days before travelling to the island via Heysham on the BEN-MY-CHREE. Whilst in Liverpool Barry saw the MAASDAM depart and from his hotel room obtained some interesting shots of the Albert Dock from a high level vantage point.

July 29, MAASDAM departs and views of the Albert Dock including the tug BROCKLEBANK which later appeared in Douglas.
Evening views of the Mersey on July 29. SSC2 arrives on July 30RR SHIELD at Heysham - July 30.
14:15 sailing from Heysham - July 30.MOONDANCE inbound -  & CFF SEINE14:15 arriving at DouglasBen-My-Chree departs July 31.
SSC2 departs  on 07:30 for Liverpool - August 01.BEN-MY-CHREE departs - August 01.BROCKLEBANK berthed at the Edward Pier with the Ben-My-Chree - August 01.
BEN-MY-CHREE departs on 19:45 to Heysham on August 01.MONA'S QUEEN model at Port Erin Railway Station.Mezeron Line's SILVER RIVER at Ramsey - she had arrived overnight from Glasson Dock - August 04.
BEN MAYE had arrived at Ramsey with a cargo of cement from Ayr - August 04.
14:00 non-landing trip from Douglas to Derbyhaven on the KARINA. We had to wait for the SUPERSEACAT TWO arrived on the 11.15 sailing from Liverpool. EMERAUDE FRANCE was waiting to take the 15:30 sailing to Belfast.

Returning to Heysham on the 08:15 on August 10 a Stena ship was passed outbound from Fleetwood. HIGHLAND PIONEER and CFF SEINE are seen berthed at Heysham.



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