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Finished With Engines: Irish Sea Shipping is now closed to new updates - J.H. Luxton Photography - Transport, Industrial History, Regional Photographs UK & beyond

Welcome Back To Irish Sea Shipping!


On January 01, 2010 the difficult decision was made to cease updating Irish Sea Shipping - The Online Shipping Magazine. Mounting personal and professional pressures combined with the need to update the editing PC, operating system and web site editing software finally meant something had to give. Besides the task of running the web site in its then current form was becoming difficult.

However, when announcing the closure it was intimated that a new Irish Sea Shipping or a successor would appear in the future. What wasn't realised was the extent to which the web site was going to be missed. The large number of emails received in the early part of the year combined with comments made then and more recently reinforced the decision to bring back the site.

Eight months on things have changed. The editing computer has been replaced with a fast Windows 7 machine, other external pressures have eased a little and, therefore, it has been decided to recommence operating the existing site. On upgrading the editing PC it was discovered that Front Page 2003 worked well under the new Windows 7 operating system - there was a concern it might not.  A switch to MS Expressions Web and a major change in presentation will eventually take place - but has not done so yet.  

Howsever, Irish Sea Shipping will function in a slightly different manner than in the past. 

The significant change is that the site will not be news centred, though there will be an attempt to cover photographically certain events. Today many forums now exist on the internet where enthusiasts and maritime professionals can post, access and discuss news instantly. The compiling of the weekly news bulletin was one of the major time consuming features in its original form and in many cases was not relaying the latest news but just repeating what had been posted elsewhere.

Now the news option on the menu links to the Irish Sea Ships Yahoo Group and also has links to other popular news and discussion groups.  Visitors can post and discuss news independently of the web master. Since January the Yahoo Group has been configured to allow non members to read postings should anyone not wish to join the group. 

Irish Sea Shipping will continue to feature a strong photographic content, carry voyage reports - (a major report in a new format appears in the first update), features and maritime information of use to enthusiasts such as details of society meetings etc.

Irish Sea Shipping will be presenting more and more information in the form of downloadable .pdf files which can be easily transferred to other machines or printed out. Most PCs have Adobe PDF reader installed. If not you will have to download a free copy from

Further developments are planned to make the site even more appealing to a wider range of transport interests. Details will follow in due course.

If you are a an old or new visitor - please read the updated Welcome and Legal Notice.

In the meantime a BIG welcome to visitors old and new!

John H. Luxton

16 August 2010


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