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Merchant Ships: Television

Latest updates - highlighted

ShipOperatorTV SeriesProducer/DateNotes
AidavitaCarnival CorporationAuf Weidersehen Pet 2004Plays self.
Andrea DoriaItalian LineSeinfeld [ep 143]1996Ship does not appear but is referred to throughout.
AudreyCarmet Towing CompanyUnited Utilities TV Advert2005Appears with name MERSEY on stern.
BalmoralWaverley S.N.Co.PoirotITVCross Channel Ferry
BarfleurBrittany FerriesHollyoaks?Played self
BerthaExeter Maritime MuseumOnedin Linec 1971Engine Rooms scenes filmed on this Brunel Steam Dredger
Ben MayeRamsey Steamship Co.The Martins?Plays self
Ben-My-Chree [V]IoMSPCoZig Zag = Childrens' TV prog1970sPlayed self 
Ben-My-Chree [V]IoMSPCoBrookside1983Plays self
Ben-My-Chree [VI]IoMSPCoThe Booze CruiseTV Drama 2004Some interior and open deck views - supposedly Channel ferry.
Ben-My-Chree [VI]IoMSPCoMy Life In FilmBBC 2004 ?Plays self
Ben-My-Chree [VI]IoMSPCoThe Martins?Plays self
CaesareaSealinkThe Professionals - A Stirring of Dust1978 
Charlotte RhodesPrivate OwnerOnedin Line1970s TV SeriesPlays self and various other ships in the "Onedin Fleet" [ Destroyed by Fire circa 1980.
Christian RadichChristian Radich Sail Training FoundationOnedin Line1970s TV SeriesPlays self
ClansmanCaledonian MacBrayneEmmerdaleITV March 2005Played self
Compton CastleR Dart SteamboatOnedin Line Series 2BBC 1971Engine Room scenes
Condor 5Condor FerriesBergeracBBCplayed self
Condor 7Condor FerriesBergeracBBCplayed self
CorbierBergeracBBCplayed self
Crown AngliaJohn ShuttleworthEurovisionplayed self
Dana AngliaDFDSBirds of a FeatherBBC [early - mid 90s]played self
Dana AngliaDFDSTriangle
BBC - early 1980s
Repeated on UK Gold circa 1996
Setting for ferry soap opera.
Danmark?Onedin Line1970s TV SeriesPlays various Onedin ships
Dart 5Dart LineWindkracht 10 [Force 10]Belgian TVBelgian Search and Rescue Drama
Duchesse AnneBrittany FerriesSoldier, SoldierITV 1996Played self
Earl Granville   
Sealink British FerriesBergeracBBC - mid 1980sPlayed self
Earl WilliamSealink British FerriesCoronation Street Granada circa 1989 Played self - docked at Liverpool. 
Eilean EisdealInverary Maritime MuseumIsland at War -1Granada 11/07/04Used to evacuate passengers from "St.Gregory" prior to invasion
EurotravellerHolyman SallyWindkracht 10 [Force 10]Belgian TVBelgian Search and Rescue Drama
HMS Gannet Chatham Historic DockyardThe Crimson FieldBBC 2014Played cross channel steamer
Good Shepherd IVSIC FerriesShetlandBBC 2014Played self
Granuaile [II]CILAmongst WomenBBC 1998Posed as a 1950s ferry
Hauley IIIDartmouth Corporation / South Hams CouncilOnedin Line1970s TV series - made appearances in series III.Played her own role as a tug but with a false steam funnel.
Hebridean PrincessALL Leisure GroupShetlandBBC 2013Portrayed as the Aberdeen Ferry.
Hero?Onedin Line1970s TV SeriesPlayed her own role as harbour steam launch
Holyman DiamanteHolyman SallyWindkracht 10 [Force 10]Belgian TVBelgian Search and Rescue Drama
HorsaSealink British FerriesAround the World in 80 Days BBC 1988Plays Self
HSS Stena ExplorerStena LineBallykissangel BBC 1999 Played self
HSS Stena ExplorerStena LineThe AmbassadorBBC 1998Played self
Isle of InishmoreIrish FerriesBallykissangelBBC 1998Played self
King OrrySea Co/IoMSPCoChuckle BrothersChildrens BBC 1990sPlayed self
Koningin BeatrixStena Line Drama/Documentary - title unknown HTV 1997/8 Played self
Koningin BeatrixStena LineFelicia's Journey1999Played self, supposedly leaving Rosslare, but was infact leaving Fishguard!
Lady of Mann [II]Sea Co/IoMSPCoChuckle BrothersChildrens BBC 1990sPlayed self
LeiraShetland FerriesShetlandBBC 2013Played self
Lord Warden   Sealink British RailThe BrothersBBC - 1970s - repeated UK Gold various times 1992 - presentPlayed self
LV89ex Trinity HouseShoestring: various episodes. BBC TV 1979/80Played self when in used as a floating pub in Bristol Docks where she had opened in 1976. Scrapped 1995 due to severe corosion.
Manx MaidIoMSPCoLiver Birds - sit comBBC 1970sPlayed self
ManxmanIoMSPCoHang Up Your Brightest Colours - Kenneth Griffith's semi-drama documentary to General Michael CollinsITV 1972Played self
Marquès Onedin Line1970s TV SeriesPlayed various vessels.

Lost off Cornwall 1984

Mona's QueenIoMSPCoBackbeat? Possible title of programme about early years of the Beetles.Played North Sea Ferry but under her own name.
MountwoodMersey FerriesLiver Birds - sit comBBC 1970sPlayed self
MountwoodMersey FerriesBullion Boys1990 TV MoviePlayed self
Norse LaganNorse Irish FerriesBranwenRTÉ/S4C 1996Played self
NorlandNorth Sea FerriesBeiderbecke Tapes1987Played self
NorstarNorth Sea FerriesBeiderbecke Tapes1987Played self
OrianaP&O Cruises2 Point 4 ChildrenChristmas 1996Played self
PengarthRea TugsShoestring: Series 1, episode 6 "Nine Tenths of the Law"1979Played self at Avonmouth Docks.
PeverilSeaCo/IoMSPCoChuckle Brothers Children's BBC 1990sPlayed self
Portaferry IIN. Ireland Roads ServiceFairy Tales - Part 2 CinderellaBBC TV 2008Played self
Princess Beatrix

[ now Duc De Normandie]

Brittany FerriesAuf Weidersehen Pet

Original series

1980sPlayed self
Prince of Scandinavia [?]Scandinavian SeawaysStill Crazy
Queen Elizabeth 2CunardKeeping Up Appearances


BBC 1990s


played self
Queen Elizabeth 2CunardBrideshead RevisitedITV 1980splayed Queen Mary
Queen MaryCunardFoyle's War Episode "The Hide"ITV 2010 Mock up (or CGI)  in wartime grey at Chatham Dock Yard posing as Southampton
RapideSea ContainersHollyoaks Episode early 2002Played self
Royal Iris IIMersey FerriesBoys From the Blackstuff - Yosser's Story1982Played self
Royal Iris IIMersey FerriesBullion Boys1990sPlayed self - appeared in period opening scenes
SagresPortugese Naval ServiceOnedin Line 1970sPlayed self and other Onedin Line ships
St ColumbaSealink British FerriesForeign Bodies.

(sitcom - aired possibly in Northern Ireland only).

BBC Northern Ireland circa 1986 Played self - featured lounge scenes.
Saint Colum 1       Belfast FerriesEastendersBBC circa 1990   Played self - docked at Liverpool.
ScammondenESLYanksUS Troop Ship
ShieldhallSolent Steam Nav. CoCasualty BBC 1990s

ShieldhallSolent Steam Nav. CoTerra Nuestra Brazilian TVItalian Emigrant Ship
ShieldhallSolent Steam Nav. CoJewelsPlayed Southern Railway Train Ferry
Sir Joseph BazelgetteDublin CorporationThe Ambassador1998 BBC TV SeriesBridge Wing as HMS
Sir Joseph BazelgetteDublin CorporationGreenAs yet unscreened short
StatengrachtSpliethoffToyota TV Advertisement2006 
Statsraad LehmkuhlStatsraad Lehmkuhl FoundationOnedin Line1970sPlayed Self and other Onedin Line Ships
Stena AdventurerStena LineBig DippersITV Drama 2005 Played self
Stena FelicityStena Sealink LineHalen Yn Y Gwaed
Aired on S4C in Autumn 1993.
Produced by Teleclu Opus.
Played self.
Stena HiberniaStena Sealink LineBrooksideFeatured in an episode in which a family attempted to flee to IrelandPlayed Self
Stena InvictaStena Sealink LineEastenders.
BBC 1993
- Two episodes originally broadcast at end of August 1993.
More recently (2000) repeated on UK Gold and UK Gold 2.
Played self.  Included deck scenes and scenes recorded in bar (including resident band) and business class lounge.
Stena Invicta           Stena Sealink Line Minder
Thames/Pearson - recorded October 1993 - broadcast early 1994 on ITV.
(Produced by Pinewood Studios)
Played self - included scenes in self service restaurant.
Stena Nautica [Stena Londener]Stena LineZware Jongens - Tough Guys
Soren Larsen?The Onedin Line1970sAppeared as one of James Onedin's ships.
Tor Britannia (now Prince of Scandinavia) and/ or Tor Scandinavia (now Princess Of Scandinavia)DFDS       


BBC - early 1980s.
Repeated on UK Gold circa 1996.
Setting for ferry soap opera.
VortigernSealink (British Rail)
Terry and June
- Two part episode "A Day In Boulogne" .
BBC 1983 - aired 22/2/83 and 1/3/83. Played self. Wide range of scenes - View of ship at Folkestone & Boulogne ports, deck scene, bar scene, corridor scene.
Wendy AnnLaxey Towing CompanyIsland at War Part 6ITV - 15/08/04Played German tug used to transport prisoners.
WoodchurchMersey FerriesBoys From the Blackstuff - Yosser's Story1982Played self

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the following for contributing to this list: Gary Andrews, Dave Butler, Neil Ralphs, Adrian Sweeney, Patrick Hill, Graham Mackenzie, Mathias Wolff, David Fairclough and Colin Smith, John Williams, G Harmon the Ostend Ferry Crew, Matt Cross, Mike Edmondson, Tony Sheehan, Richard Seville, Bill Hamilton, Kevin Bennett, George T. Prince and Andrew Hall.

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