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Merchant Ships: Movies

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ShipOperatorFilm Producer/DateNotes

Andrea Doria

(or Cristoforo Colombo)

Italian LineOn The Waterfront1954Played self - end of film
Andrea Doria Italian LineGhost Ship2002Large scale model of Andria Doria as the fictional Antonia Graza
AtlantaCILEducating Rita1983Played self at quayside
Benediction?On The Waterfront1954Played self
Ben-My-Chree [V]IoMSPCoLetter to Brezhnev1985Played self laid up Vittoria Dock
Brave MerchantNorse Merchant FerriesVeronica Guerin2003Played self - visible in Great South Wall scenes
CaesareaSealinkNeither the Sea Nor the Sand1972 
CanberraP&ODiamonds Are Fore Ever1971Played self
CanterburySouthern RailwayLavender Hill Mob1951Played self
Glen UskP&A CampbellTiger Bay1959Played Self (Previous entry for this film incorrect)
Clan AlpineClan LineOn The Waterfront1954Played self
ConstitutionAmerican Export LinesAn Affair to Remember1957Plays self
Crested EagleGeneral Steam Nav. CoDunkirkEaling Films 1958Studio model / set seen sinking at pier.
Dawn MerchantNorse Merchant Ferries51st State2001Played self
RNLB - Elinor RogetRoyal National Lifeboat InstitutionThe Phantom LightGainsborough Pictures 1935Clovelly Lifeboat, played a fictitous Welsh Lifeboat
Empress of FranceCanadian Pacific Rly Co.The Magnet1950Played self
Fenella IIIsle of Man Steam PacketPenny Paradise1938 Played self
Franconia IICunardToo Much Money1926Played self
Free Enterprise ITownsend ThoresenThe Italian Job1969Played Self
Free Enterprise IITownsend ThoresenSan Ferry Ann1965Played self
Freshbrook?DunkirkEaling Films 1958Played self?
Granuaile [II]CILEducating Rita 1980sPlayed self  at quayside
Ille de FranceFrench LineThe Last Voyage1960Played SS Clarendon in a disaster movie and actually sunk for the part.
InvictaBritish RailwaysSan Ferry Ann1960sPlayed self
IverniaCunardThe Mouse That Roared1959Played Self
Jeremiah O'BrienTitanic1998Titanic Engine Room Scenes
John HawkinsGreat Western RailwayDunkirkEaling Films 1958Plays self
Jonathan SwiftIrish Continental GroupVeronica Guerin2003Played self - visible in Great South Wall scenes
J FarleyWallasey FerriesThe Magnet[1940s/50s?]Played self
Kista DanJ, LauritzenHell Below Zero1954Played Ice Breaker in Film
Koningin BeatrixStena LineFelicia's Journey1999Played self, supposedly leaving Rosslare, but was in fact leaving Fishguard!
Lady of Mann [I]IoMSPCoNo Limit1935Played Self
Lady of Mann [II]IoMSPCoLetter to Brezhnev1985Played self
Lady of Mann [II]Sea Co/IoMSPCoThe Boxer 1997 Played self
Lady of Mann [II]Sea Co/IoMSPCoThe Commitments1991Played self
Lady PatriciaArthur Guinness & CoHear My Song1991Played self
Lady PatriciaArthur Guinness & CoFar and Away1992Filmed on foredeck - heavily disguised
Largs BayAberdeen & Commonwealth LineA Night to Remember1958"Titanic"
Lochmore or LochnessDavid MacBrayneWhisky Galore1949
LiparusShell Tankers (UK) LtdThe Spy Who Loved Me1977Played self 
LurlineMatson LineFrom Here to Eternity1953 
Manx MaidIoMSPCoLetter to Brezhnev1985Played self laid up Vittoria Dock
Manxman [I]IoMSPCoNo Limit1935Depicted by Studio Set
Manxman [II]IoMSPCoSOS Titanic






Manxman [II]IoMSPCoYentl1982Russian Emigrant ship "Moskva"
Manxman [II]IoMSPCoThe Mission1982Played cross channel steamer
Manxman [II]IoMSPCoChariots of Fire1980Played cross channel steamer
Mauretania IICunardThe Lady Eve1941Played "SS Southern Queen"
Massey ShawLondon County CouncilDunkirkEaling Films 1958Played self (fire boat)
Maxim GorkiySovcomflotTerror on the Britannic (Juggernaut)1974Played "SS Britannic"
Medway QueenMedway Steam Packet CoDunkirkEaling Films 1958Played self
Miranda GuinnessArthur Guinness & CoHear My Song1991Played self
Mona's IsleIoMSPCoChariots of Fire1980Played cross channel steamer
Mona's QueenIoMSPCoNo Limit1935Played Self
Nieuw AmsterdamHolland America LineOn The Waterfront1954Played self
Oswestry GrangeHoulder BrothersTiger Bay1959Played the "Paloma" registeredin Caracas
Prince of Scandinavia [?]Scandinavian SeawaysStill Crazy1998
Queen ElizabethCunardNext to No Time1959Played self
Queen Elizabeth 2Cunard "The Magic Christian"1969Played self
Queen Maryex-CunardThe Aviator2004Played self ?
Queen Maryex-Cunard SOS Titanic 1979 "Titanic"
Queen Mary
Poseidon Adventure1972
Queen MaryCunardAssault on A Queen1966Played Self
Queen Maryex-CunardTitanic 22010Played fictional ship Titanic 2
Queen Maryex-CunardBritannic1997Played Britannic some scenes. Others computer generated.
Queen MaryCunardDodsworth1936Played self
QuiberonBrittany FerriesWycliffe1990sPlayed self arriving Millbay
RexItalian LineDodsworth1936Played Self
RoebuckBritish Railways (ex GWR)Heroes of Telemark1964 (filmed 1964)Played SS Galtesund 
Seabourn LegendCarnival CorporationSpeed 2 - Cruise Control1997Played self in a hi-jack drama
SF AmmoniaNorsk TransportHeros of Telemark1965Plays SF Hydro  of 1914 a ship of similar design
St. CiciliaWightlinkAime Ton Pere [Honour They Father]2002Plays fictious "Norse Link" Baltic ferry.
St. TrilloLiverpool & North Wales S.S. CoHindle Wakes1952
ScammondenESLYanks1979US Troop Ship
ShieldhallSolent Steam Nav. CoAngela's AshesParamount 1999"Sartroculus" in opening scenes"Irish Oak", closing sequence.
ShieldhallSolent Steam Nav. CoJewels1992Played Southern Railway Train Ferry
Siren [?]Ocean SurveysMichael Collins1996CDSPCo Ferry
Sir Joseph BazelgetteDublin CorporationBorstal Boy1999Ferry
Sir Joseph BazelgetteDublin CorporationJohnny Starlight1998War Transport [interior]
Snaefell [?]IoMSPCoAlligator Called Daisy1955Cross Channel Ferry
Stena EuropeStena LineBaltic Storm2003Plays ESTONIA
Stena Explorer (HSS)Stena LineThe General1998Appears as herself at Dún Laoghaire.  Appearance is an anachronism as the film is supposed to be set in the 1980s.
Stena ForwarderStena LineVeronica Guerin2003Plays self, visible in opening aerial scenes
Southern HarvesterChristian SalvesenHell Below Zero1954 
UlyssesIrish Continental GroupVeronica Guerin2003Plays self, visible in opening aerial scenes
VikingIoMPSPCoNo Limit1935Plays self - visible in harbour scene
WaverleyWaverley Steam Navigation CoSherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows2011 
Westerdam [ex Homeric]Holland America LineOut to Sea1997 
Windsor CastleUnion CastleDoctor In Trouble1962Played fictitious "Golden Horn"

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the following for contributing to this list: Gary Andrews, Dave Butler, Wayen Blackburn, Neil Ralphs, Adrian Sweeney, Patrick Hill, Graham Mackenzie, Mathias Wolff, David Fairclough, Colin Smith, John Williams, G Harmon the Ostend Ferry Crew, Matt Cross, Mike Edmondson, Tony Sheehan, Richard Seville, Bill Hamilton, Kevin Bennett, George T. Prince, Richard O'Shea,Lester May Kierran, Andrew Hall, Michael Grace, Andrew Rutter and John Thomas.

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