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During late 1999 an e-mail discussion about the impending demise of the Irish Light Tender GRANUAILE [II] channeled thoughts towards those vessels which had appeared as passengers vessels on both TV and Movies. GRANUAILE [II] having appeared recently in TV drama "Amongst Women".  Consequently I thought it would be interesting task to compile a database of ships which have appeared on TV and the Cinema in UK & Eire. This will of course be placed on the web site to provide a source of reference for enthusiasts. 

Basically terms of reference for the database are as follows:

The ships should:

  1. be a passenger ship/ferry or freighter/service vessel or a naval vessel used to represent a passenger or cargo vessel.

  2. have been registered in the UK or Ireland and/or been used on services to/from the UK and/or Ireland and/or appeared in a British / Irish Drama series or motion picture shown in the UK and/or Ireland.

  3. the vessel does not now have to be still in existence. 

  4. Program details should, if possible, include the name of the film or TV series (plus episode name if known) plus any other relevant notes including date of production/screening.

I am indebted to those people listed below who have contributed additional information.

To make the list easier to locate ships it is split into two sections which can be accessed by the links below.

It is hoped to extend the list to include Naval ships in due course and I would be interested in receiving information on naval ships in the movies and in TV dramas.



Merchant Ships: Movies

[updated: March 13, 2014]

Merchant Ships: TV

[updated: April 11, 2013]

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the following for contributing to this list: Gary Andrews, Judith Bridges, Dave Butler, Neil Ralphs, Adrian Sweeney, Patrick Hill, Graham Mackenzie, Mathias Wolff, David Fairclough and Colin Smith, John Williams, G Harmon, the Ostend Ferry Crew, Matt Cross, Mike Edmondson, Tony Sheehan, Richard Seville, Bill Hamilton, Kevin Bennett, George T. Prince, Hugh Warner, Michael Clarke, Michael Bracken, Lester May, Michael Grace, Dennis Oliver, 'barrowboy 55' and Peter Purland..

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